Can You Help Me Find My Phone?

Starring Lana Sharapova

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Lana Sharapova is always a blast to party with. Usually you can find her being the center of attention and looking hella cute with her blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. As usual she came over to your pad the night before to enjoy drinks with you and your friends, but this time had a bit too much and left a bit early. Lana left her phone outside by the pool and returned in the morning to find it. Always the flirt she wants you to step inside with her for another drink. You both know it is not really for a drink though. Lana Sharapova loves to fuck and you can tell by the way she was acting last night her sights are on you. You pride yourself on always being a gracious host. Who are you to deny Lana of your thick cock when she wants it? Time to clear everything off your kitchen counter and watch Lana’s tight little teen body grind up and down on your hard dick. What a way to work off the hangover from last night.


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