Czech VR 180 – You Just Got Laid!

Starring Francesca DiCaprio

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our day does not start in the best way. They just laid you off work and while you’re sitting home alone and pondering what to do with your life, you hear rattling of keys in the lock and know you will have to face your beautiful girlfriend. Will she think you’re a failure? Or will she be constructive? Perhaps she knows of a way to raise your spirits up… Amongst other things. Of course…

Oculus Rift 3840×1920 60fps
Oculus Rift 5400×2700 60fps H.265

Gear VR 2880×1440 60fps

Smartphone HQ 2160×1080 60fps
Smartphone LQ 1920×960 30fps

PlayStation VR 2880×1440 60fps

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