Eva Strawberry Shoves Her Fingers Into Her Very Wet Pink Pussy

Starring Eva Strawberry

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Eva Strawberry Shoves Her Fingers Into Her Very Wet Pink Pussy – A big hairy bush, the kind you could just thrust your face into and never come up for air.
This is Eva Straberry and her magic bush. She was here before a few times showing us her big pink pussy lips she hides in her bush. Today she is back to play and we are ready for a big hairy monster of a pussy to watch. Eva got dressed up for us today and is looking like she either wants to go out on the town or say home and fuck.
She is wearing a dress or a nighty we are not sure. It is black and sparkly and shows off her legs and cute figure. She gets up on the bed and starts to play and dance around and tease us. We know right away the color of her panties as she lifts her dress and we can see they are hot red.
We think those panties are lace and she is giving us a quick preview of things to come when she lifts her dress to show off her legs and ass. She has her hands all over her tits and it takes just a minute for her to pull her zipper down and get her tits out to play with.
She doesn’t even bother taking off her dress before she starts to rub and play with her nipples. We are hard for her now! Her dress is thrown to the side and her hands start to run up and down her body. She is smoking hot! GO see what she does next. Here is a hint, many fingers and a very wet pussy!



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