Friends With Benefits

Starring Guido Plaza & Leo Grin

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Friends With Benefits – Guido Plaza and you are trying to turn the TV on to play a game in the Playstation.

But the TV shuts off and Guido tries to know what happened.

Meanwhile, you are on the sofa watching pictures of naked men in your phone. When Guido realized, he says that he has a much bigger penis than them and encourage you to touch it to confirm it.

He takes it out and touches it a bit right before taking your head in order to give him a blowjob. You do it and in exchange, next thing he does in giving you a much longer and pleasant one while you are laying down. But that is not everything because his lust for you is really big, so he gives you an ass licking as you never received before.

This thing of being friends with benefits is amazing! After that, he fucks you really hard while you masturbate yourself and he uses a toy to increase the pleasure for both of you. He will finish by masturbating himself until he cums, and for you, he will give you a blowjob until you cum inside his mouth.