Hottest Redhead From Russia St Martha Comes To Strip For Us In VR

Starring St Martha

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Hottest Redhead From Russia St Martha Comes To Strip For Us In VR – Well, St Martha might not be a real redhead but she is pretty close.

She is Russian for sure and she is hot so that part is all correct.

She does strip and she does it in front of the VR camera as well so that is true. We really get off on this new comer to our studio as she is new to the adult world and just so naive.

We have St Martha come in one morning to do a shoot and we get her in hair and make up so she is looking her best for the shoot. We then get her a cute dress and stockings and when it comes to panties she decides she does not want to wear any. We of course think this is fantastic as we love a girl with no panties on. So this angel walks into the studio and as soon as she thinks the camera is on she lifts her skirt and shows us her shaved pussy!

We are all like WOW! that is lovely and all but how about some tease first? St Martha then pulls her dress back down and proceeds to rub her nipples through her dress.

It seems that she also didn’t want to wear a bra as we can see her nipples so well. Then our lovely angel wants to show us her tits so again, she lifts the dress as high as it will go and show us the cutest titties!

And of course our eyes all go right back down to the shaved pussy. So much for a tease, This is just pure hard core pussy fingering and self fucking with a sex toy.


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