Jasmine Waterfool And Vickie Gold In Lesbian Fuck Show In Virtual Reality

Starring Jasmine Waterfool & Vicky Golden

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Jasmine Waterfool And Vickie Gold In Lesbian Fuck Show In Virtual Reality – Want to get hard fast? Watch Jasmine Waterfool and Vickie Gold get into it in Virtual Reality.

These two babes start to grab each other and touch each other and kiss and then the best part is that they take each other’s tops off and they just start grabbing and licking and sucking each other’s pussies. The girls decided to dress up in red today. They thought it would be fun to wear matching red lingerie.

We were fine with whatever they wanted to wear as long as they took it off when the camera was turned on. And then we thought the best thing to do was just tell them to do what they would do even if the cameras were not on, so we could get a real honest shoot of them enjoying themselves as if no one else were there watching. We just wanted these girls to dive into each other and not worry about any kind of performance.

So we always watch these lesbian shoots to see which of the girls is more dominant and which one is really the most pussy hungry. It was harder to tell with these two as they both really went for it and they both took of each other’s tops at the same time. We did notice that Jasmine was really hungry for Vickie’s tits and leaned right over to pop a nipple in her mouth.

And she sucked that nipple good, and then Vickie decided she wanted some tits too and pushed Jasmine back so she could slap and play with her cute tits. This was fucking awesome then their hands went down to their panties and they reached between each other’s legs and started rubbing! Fuck this was getting good! Go see the whole video to see what they did next!


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