Jessica Wild And Lina Surprise Us With Anal Plugs Shoved Up Their Butts

Starring Jessika Wild & Lina

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Jessica Wild And Lina Surprise Us With Anal Plugs Shoved Up Their Butts – Want to see two hot Russians making out? Here we have Jessica Wild and Lina two ladies you might remember from the time we spent with them before.

But this time they get together to have a bit of fun with our shoot today. These ladies are so fun they got right into it and started to enjoy each other’s mouths as they kissed deeply and used their tongues to probe each other’s mouth.

These hotties got horny and both wanted to get naked right away. Their hands were of course all over each other as they explored each other’s body and they were enjoying their tit grabbing time as they stimulated each other with their hands and then their tongues. We enjoyed just watching them as they got into it and enjoyed nipple kissing and licking.

Then it was panty removal time and they had a surprise for us in their panties. They both decided before the shoot that they would shove anal plugs up their ass and when the time was right take off their paties and point their asses at the camera so we could see them up close. Well that was a big turn on and now we understand how these girls were so horny as they played with each other.

But now that the panties were off, it was time to spread legs, and dive into pussy. These two pussy hungry girls started by licking and sucking and playing with each other’s hot pink pussy hole. Fuck, this was getting good! Go see what they did to each other in the full video!