Late For Work

Starring Lottie Magne, Lottie Magne Free Porn

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Late For Work – You and your girlfriend Lottie Mange are waking up, but she has to get out of bed for working.

However, you want to spend some time with her this morning… in bed. So, you try to make her stay by gently grabbing her panties and then her trousers joking about that you are not giving them to her so she will not be able to leave.

She smiles at you and tells you that if you bring her later to the office, maybe she has some time to spend with you. She looks at you when you say yes and with a big smile, she tells you: we have 20 minutes. It’s all you need to enjoy with her an amazing sex morning.

She starts caressing your body and giving you your desire blowjob. You fuck her lovingly front to front and your watch her satisfaction face.

She turns around and you fuck while she is lying on her left side so you can watch her round ass moving with you. That will make you feel that you want her to do the doggy position, which she does happily. She will also be on top fucking you the way you like it most.

In the end, she gives you a blowjob and you cum in her tongue while she gives you a handjob. What a splendid morning! This is the best way to start a day.