Love… Now Available in Aerosol Spray!

Starring Erika

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CovertJapan - Love... Now Available in Aerosol Spray! - There's this girl named Erika that recently moved in a couple houses down from you.

Everyone in the neighborhood adores her cuz she's very pretty and has this bright cheerful smile that spreads joy everywhere she goes.

You often see her jogging clad in a tight fitness outfit that accentuates her perfect bountiful tits and lusciously curvy ass.

What's more is that she actively posts cute selfies that you just can't get enough of. You really wanna ask her out for coffee or something, but you're desperately seeking an "in." Unfortunately, you're often at a loss for words when trying to make conversation with her.

Erika's just so beautiful--it's downright intimidating. Lucky for you Japan just released an astounding new product.

It's a can! That's right folks! Just spray it liberally and watch as the object of your fancy magically appears right before your eyes. Love will blossom like a horny, well-fertilized flower!


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