Mackenzie’s Heart Shaped Confection

Starring Mackenzie Mace

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Mackenzie’s Heart Shaped Confection – Sometimes you can just tell when a girl is in the mood for a nice, hard dick.

She just has a way about her that lets you know that you just have to play your cards right to get your cock inside her and MacKenzie Mace has that same exact look on her face.

She’s already in her fishnet stockings and there’s no way that this girl put them on by accident.

This babe wants something and there’s no way that she’s not going to get it. You just have to make sure that the guy giving it her is you! MacKenzie has the kind of big ass and small tits that most guys just can’t ignore.

It doesn’t hurt that the enchantress also has a heart shaped lollipop in her mouth. The way her tongue works that thing should be more than enough evidence that there’s something stiff and throbbing on her mind. That’s probably why this horny girl in on her knees with her head in your crotch as soon as you sit down.

If you wanted to just walk away from her then you’re now officially out of luck. You’re going to get her spit all over your shaft whether you want it or not! It’s not all about you, though.

That mouth massage she’s giving you is just the build up to the main event. Mackenzie wants you rock hard for what she’s actually after. Once this chic pops your meat stick out of her warm little mouth, it’s time for her to turn around and present herself to you.

This is a pussy that you only have to see for a second before you want it taking your rod. Give it to her nice and hard. This girl has more than earned it with her mouth work!