Memories Made

Starring Izzy Wilde & Joel Kris

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Memories Made – You and your wife Izzy Wilde spoke about spicing up your love life… and it seems that the day has come!

She is giving you a coffee and with it, it comes a picture of her: naked!

On one corner it says: meet me in the bed. You can’t help yourself and you have to adjust your cock, because you start to feel the hot of the situation.

So, you join her in bed and you bring the polaroid camera she asked for. You are going to use it to get pictures of her while she gives you a blowjob. You are not going to forget this moment!

After that you are so horny that you will fuck her mouth first, and they you are going to give her the pleasure she deserves: she will sit on you and you will fuck her hard both face to face and from the back, you will put her lying on bed and you will continue fucking her, she will also fuck you until she cums with an explosion of pleasure.


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