Morning Fuck

Starring Guido Plaza

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Morning Fuck – Wearing only a towel because he just got out the shower, Guido Plaza (POV) is really stressed because he has to go to work and he can’t find his tie. His partner, Leo Grin tells him that he will find his things if he is relaxed. With a smile in his face, Leo is ready to calm him down. How is he going to do it? First of all, he takes the towel off. Next, he masturbates Guido and gives him a blowjob. They will fuck each other in different positions and touching each other the way the like it most. With a penis ring, Leo masturbates himself while you introduce your penis inside of him; then he fucks you hard while you pinch his nipples; he fucks you while he takes your cock and masturbates you too… The hairy man is turning you on so much with his dirty talking! At the end both of you will masturbate until you cum. What a splendid way to start your morning!


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