My Geisha Dolls

Starring Mashiro Airi, Suzumiya Kotone

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Have you ever heard about geishas? These Japanese assistants and partners have been accompanying men from all over the world for hundreds of years, providing them with entertainment during parties and various events. Nowadays, their role has changed a bit, as the requirements of men have also evolved – today’s geishas play the role of an elite escorts who, in addition to accompanying them in all circumstances, are making their wildest fantasies come true in a hotel room or their apartment.
VR Porn geishas don’t stick out from their real friends in any way, because they’re also all about the men satisfaction, fulfilling their deepest dreams. This can become even more interesting when two sexy lolitas, Suzumiya Kotone and Mashiro Airi, turn out to be your companions in the virtual reality, who, apart from performing each order according to the will of their partner, are exceptionally cute and charming. Even the girls’ dress itself could stimulate the male fantasy, because one of them is wearing a sexy maid’s outfit, and the other is dressed in pink and black lingerie with a black bow on her head – together these clothes create a black and white composition, which is quite an unusual situation for the non-interracial, 100% oriental sex scene.
Japanese VR Porn actresses are best at being sexy and charming at the same time, and when their moans and sweet smiles are intertwined with each other, they give each fan of such films a real feast for the eyes and ears. So set up your VR goggles and experience this marathon of hard fucking in Asian style, watching as Airi and Kotone ride your hard cock in turns, while sucking and licking it with their lips and tongues in between, as if it was a sweet lollipop.
If you are patient enough, you will see how hot cum falls on the cheeks of these young vixens, and watch them playing and cum-swapping with it, while smiling and giggling at the same time as it befits for two such kawaii girls.


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