Run A Bath

Starring Bishop Black & Jeffrey Lloyd

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Run A Bath – What a romantic gesture! You have set a bath for your boyfriend Bishop Black.

He is really surprised by your loving gesture and he jumps into the warm water. You are standing by him admiring his body when he tells you that after the bath, he is going to reward you with a little fun in the bed.

You are waiting for him on bed and here he comes.

After thanking you for the bath, he starts by giving you kisses on your penis and balls, which makes you tremble of pleasure and anticipation of what is coming.

Then, he takes off his bath robe so you can see his full body and gives you a blowjob. You like it so much that you take his head in order to help him going down even more. Next, you fuck him in every position, feeling harder and harder: you do doggy, cowboy and missionary while you slap his ass and he rolls his eyes of pleasure. You keep making love until you gladly cum. He kept his promise: you had so much fun in bed!


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