Russian Model And Sexy Angel Miss Ally Foxy

Starring Ally Foxy

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Russian Model And Sexy Angel Miss Ally Foxy – A new model! We love these days when we get to introduce a new model!

And here is a Russian model and sexy angel named Miss Ally Foxy. She is fun and hot and we fell in love instantly.

We brought her in for her first shoot and were very happy with how fucking hot she looked when we get her all dressed up. The girl was not in the room more than a minute and she wanted to take off her clothes.

Luckily for us the crew was all there as they always are with new hot fresh models that come in, and they had the room set up already. She got on the bed and all she wanted to do was turn us on.

She knew she had something very special that we all wanted to see. And of course since we were all there to check her out she knew she had our attention.

She was wearing a black dress and looked great. But what we really wanted to see was how she looked with her tits out and that is just what she did next.

She pulled her tits out and gave them a big squeeze for us. She had her tits in her hands and was waving them around for all of us to enjoy. We were hard, each of us had a hard on in our pants.

This was going better than any of us imagined. Those tits she has are perfect! They are really lovely and so juicy and they fall so wonderfully! We just loved her pussy too when she pulled her panties off and showed us her landing strip of pussy hair!


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