Sexy Russian Models Hazel Grace And Rita Fox Get Naked In Lesbian Show In VR

Starring Hazel Grace & Rita Fox

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Sexy Russian Models Hazel Grace And Rita Fox Get Naked In Lesbian Show In VR – The lovely Models Miss Hazel Fox and Rita Fox!

An amazing dream come true.

You must see these two together. We loved seeing them as they come into the studio a little giddy and happy that they were finally going to be in a shoot together. We have had them both on as newer models and just twice on before.

It so happens that Rita was in the offices one day when Hazel was doing her second shoot. She mentioned how hot she thought she was. We agreed that she was indeed hot and if she would like we could approach her and ask her how she would feel about doing a shoot with her.

She was amenable to this and after the shoot with Hazel we asked her.

She admitted that she had seen Rita before and thought the same thing. Bingo! Our dreams were also in line with theirs and all that was left to do was set up a shoot that they could both attend.

We set the date and got the room and cameras ready and every single swinging dick in the office had volunteered to come in and help with the shoot! When they came in the room and saw the whole staff there they both laughed at the commotion they had caused. They hopped up on the bed and forgot that the cameras were not even on yet as they both just started going after each other.

They started with some deep kissing and then the tops came off real fast. These girls love each other’s tits as much as we do.

And then their hands started to wander and these girls were now quickly taking off each other’s shorts! They wanted pussy as much as us! God this was such a hot fucking show. Go watch the full think in VR.


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