She Has The Biggest Boobs Of All Our Russian Models

Starring Amalia Davis

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She Has The Biggest Boobs Of All Our Russian Models – Amalia Davis is a Russian bombshell. She is a lot of woman and she is here in the studio showing us all the woman she is, and it is all in VR.

She wakes up from a short nap as we were getting the lights and camera ready and since she was in bed, she thought she would take a little nap. That was very cute of her and we were happy to give her a short time to rest up before having to wake up and get all of us off.

We all made a line next to the bed fighting to be first in line to suck on her pussy and grab her huge tits! Well, that is what we are going to say happened but what really happened was this hot young Russian babe woke up in her tights and gave us a big smile when she saw the red light from the VR camera was on.

And then she got up and gave us a smile and a big lean into the camera as her tits came down and almost fell out of her tights. Then when she saw we were staring at her tits, she grabbed them tight and gave us a big smile.

Fuck this was going to be a nice afternoon with Amalia Davis and her amazing tits and luscious ass. We have had a lot of experience with models and there have been some real stunners that have passed through our office doors into the studio.

But today, this is one special girl as her tits are arguably the biggest tits we have ever had up close like this in VR. Her measurements in cm are B94-W63-H93. Those are some huge knockers. And today we get to see them shake and move and sway and so do you!