She Shows Us How She Uses Her Sex Toy

Starring Sweet Ammy

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She Shows Us How She Uses Her Sex Toy – Hot and sweet, spicy as well. What else can we say about Sweet Ammy? A Russian, blonde sexy and wild. And today she is back for some VR fun. Get out your VR set up, and get ready to be pleasured by Ammy.

We love VR and we imagine you do too. And the reason is, that we get to share the greatest Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian ass. Tight hot and sexy, an ass you can really get behind. A behind you could really sink your teeth into. A rump you could bend over and pump. A blonde like Sweet Ammy is hard to find. She is all natural, her tits are all her and her legs are long and lean.

Her body is built to fuck! Her sweet pink nipples beg to be licked and sucked. OK, so that is a lot to say about this hot Russian. But, take a second and just focus your gaze on her tits. Now, watch them as they bounce around. Watch as she leans over and watch how they fall. As she stands up, watch as those tits stand straight up and point out. Now, tell me that is not a perfect set of natural tits! You could imagine holding on to those as she straddled you and rode you right?

You could picture Sweet Ammy on her knees in front of you as she pulls your shorts off and smiles when your hard cock pops out and she grabs a hold of it. You can see how she would look as she slides your cock into her mouth and then looks up at you with her mouth full of your cock. She gets on her knees right in front of the camera in this video and she shows us exactly what she would look like, no imagination necessary.

Fuck!!! Sweet Ammy is one hot Russian angel.


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