Tell My Ass A Fairytale

Starring Holly Molly, Holly Molly Free Porn

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Tell My Ass A Fairytale – Holly Molly has a huge secret that is killing her. Ever since her mom remarried, she has been hiding a huge crush on her handsome stepfather.

It makes things worse that she can hear the way he makes her mother moan in the next room. The sounds of sex with her handsome older crush drive her wild as she masturbates furiously in her bed.

One night, the desire is just too much for her. With her mother away, Molly knows that her stepfather will be alone, probably watching VR Porn to relieve his tension. She decides to make her move and goes into your bedroom, telling you that she has insomnia and asking if you will read to her until she falls asleep.

You think it is odd and is uncomfortable with how she is dressed, but agree to read her a story. While she listens, Molly gives you a peek at her ass. When you notice a buttplug in her tight hole, she smiles and gives you a better look.

You try to object, but before you can tell her how inappropriate her outfit is, Molly has your pants open and your hard cock in her hungry mouth. Once she starts sucking, there is no stopping you.

In this VR porn episode, you take the plug out of her ass and after getting wet inside of her pussy, you push your dick right into her ass. Her mother never lets you fuck her butthole and you are not about to let this chance slip away.

Getting fucked in the ass is exactly what the kinky teen was hoping for and she enjoys every deep thrust until you pull out and shoot all over her pretty face. She promises to keep you happy every time her mom is away.