Terror Movie

Starring Joel Kris & Pol Prince

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Terror Movie – You are watching a terror movie. There are the sexy actor Pol Prince and Theo Kami there. You are loving this terror movie, but you are really tired and you start to blink.

Pol Prince is wearing a mask and has a knife on his hands, and Theo Kami is wearing a cape and he has a rope on his hands. In the scene they are walking into each other. They are looking terrifying in this neon-dark ambience on the TV, but you can’t help to fall asleep.

Suddenly, you wake up but your living room looks different, with a neon-dark ambience, the same as in the movie. You realized that Pol Prince and Theo Kami are in your living room! But instead of a knife and a rope they have a dildo and a velvet cord.

They look at you and at the same time they move to you. Pol takes the mask off and Theo takes the hood off. Then, they start to undress and look at you in a sexy way, so you can imagine what comes next. You have sex with them in a threesome where you will do all the positions you can imagine using the dildo, the rope and your bodies. You wake up when the alarm clock rings, but your dream was awesome and you feel amazing after cuming.

You are going to watch this movie more times!