The Cheater

Starring Simon Kitty

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The Cheater – Simon Kitty VR has been married to her husband for a long time and lately, things have been a bit stale.

No matter what they try, they just don’t connect like they used to. Suspicious that he might be seeing someone else, she goes through his phone and finds a naked picture of another woman.

She looks like a model from VR porn movies. Further investigation turns out sexy panties in his pocket that is not hers.

She confronts her husband and is both jealous and angry, but much to her surprise, she is also incredibly turned on. As their fight intensifies, she can’t help herself.

His anger is more emotion than they have shared in months and the look of shock on his face quickly turns to lust when she lifts her sweater and shakes her tits at him. Grabbing his cock, she finds that he is rock hard. They have not been this hot for each other in a long time and Simon takes full advantage. She sucks his big dick until he is begging to be inside of her.

Taking her from behind, he fucks her pussy with so much passion that she remembers why she loved him in the first place. She begs him to bang her like he bangs his slide slut and he gives it to her hard, roughly grabbing her tits and pounding her relentlessly until she screams in the climax.

She knows what he likes and wraps her big tits around his meat. His sidepiece can’t have such perfect tits and she knows it. He can never resist her knockers and explodes all over her.

She tells him that he can keep the slut on two conditions. First, he has to fuck her like that regularly and second, she is going to find some side action herself. Seems like a good deal all around.


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