The Woman In Red

Starring Abigail Mac

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The Woman In Red – Wear your VR goggles, open, and become the top-secret agent on his dangerous mission – right next to one of the hottest brunette VR porn vixens, Abigail Mac!

This babe VR porn model became The Woman in Red of VR Conk – the one-of-a-kind undercover operative who’ll be doing an interrogation with you today. The very special kind of interrogation, actually, as with the use of the most… extraordinary methods you’ve ever seen.

You see, Abigail is a very special agent and she knows how to acquire even the most sensitive information from all different kinds of people – including guys like you who think that their minds are impenetrable and that their secrets will never be reached by anybody.

Because tell us, will you be able to resist her, when she’ll kneel in front of you and offer you a sloppy blowjob? Can you say “no” to this VR porn star with big tits, who will be eager to bang you to get all the data she needs? Or maybe you wanna tell us, that cumming on her cute face is something that you weren’t thinking of the moment you saw her?

Yeah, we know that our Woman in Red is indeed irresistible and since she’ll be using some of her most “special” methods to both seduce and interrogate you, you’re pretty much screwed, man! On the other hand, even though all your secrets will be lost and you might lose your job, you’ll get to bang this amazing busty babe!

This perhaps is not one of those “win-win” situations, but at least you’ll know that you didn’t sell your employees any cheap and that you’ve got yourself a “payment” that was worth taking the risk! Just grab that VR headset and join Abigail here and now to find out what are we really talking about…


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