They Get Naked In VR Today For Lesbian Fun

Starring Jasmine Waterfool & Nicole

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They Get Naked In VR Today For Lesbian Fun – When you have two lovely Russian babes to play with like Jasmine Waterfool and Nicole what are you supposed to do?

You’ve got to come up with new fun scenarios for both of them and see what fun you can have. It is delightful to see these women back in the studios and together. We meet these hotties with then come in to model and then we start thinking as our minds start imaging them naked and we start throwing together models wondering how they would interact.

How would they be together in a fucking hot lesbian sex scene? Then, the next step is to ask them to come in and do a shoot together and see if they are game. Sometimes these models know each other but most often they do not. So, if they are game it is usually because they know the other model and now have an excuse to get naked with her and explore her body.

We all know these models from their solo VR model shoots and now we have them together. Jasmine is of course the sexy one with frizzy hair. Nicole is the tall blonde with the perfect tits.

The whole office staff is here in the room today to ‘help’ with the shoot and make sure it all goes well. These two hop up on the sofa and they are at each other right away.

They seem to be hungry as they both start pulling at each other’s clothes and trying to get the other naked. That takes about a minute and then they are standing in front of the VR camera bending over showing off their sexy hot assses!