Watch And Learn

Starring Ivi Rein , Ivi Rein Free Porn & Tori Cummings , Tori Cummings Free Porn

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Watch And Learn – Ivi Rein misses her boyfriend. They spent every day together and has sex nearly every night, but he has gone away to college and she misses him. She is also very worried that he might be meeting new girls on campus and wants to make sure he knows how much she misses him.

Knowing how much her friend’s boyfriends like it when they take nudes, Ivi decides to shoot some sexy Vr porn pictures to send to her man at college. She is right in the middle of her first shots when her stepmother Tori Cummings walks in. Understanding what Ivi is up to, she offers some tips to make the pictures as sexy as possible.

Ivi takes a few shots of Tori and they are checking them out. Ivi is happy with the new photos but she wants to learn something else. In this VR porn scene, Tori decides to give Ivi an education in taking care of her natural sexual urges. Ivi feels self-conscious about her tiny titties compared to her mom’s massive mammaries but is happy having the opportunity to compare breasts as they play with each other.

Ivi watches and feels her pussy getting warmer and wetter by the second. With her legs spread and her tight pussy exposed to the cool air as Tori shows her how to gently slide her fingers inside and use her own juices to lubricate the penetration. Tori tells Ivi to rub her clit while watching as her horny stepmom slips her fingers into her pussy. Turned on by what she sees and also from her own fingers rubbing her tight teenage pussy, Ivi finds herself climaxing at the same time as Tori. The first lesson is over.


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