Wet Denim Jeans

Starring Lady Dee

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Stunning raven haired Lady Dee appears on VirtualPee in todays scene and walks into the room clearly desperate to pee. She holds onto her crotch before sitting on a clear chair and then as she stands bending over, a wet patch appears running down the inside of her leg, soaking her denims. Lady Dee is clearly caught wetting her panties and afterwards she pulls her denims down to take them off. Tasting her juices, she licks her wet jeans and then uses them to dry up her pee puddle from the chair.
Lady Dee loves piss drinking and squeezes as much of her pee into her mouth as she can, swallowing some and spitting the rest out over her top. Next, she gets completely naked and still playing with her denims, she holds her denims under herself and soaks them some more!

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