What’s For Dinner Bitch?

Starring Ann Joy

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What’s For Dinner Bitch? – Ann Joy is thrilled to have her stepbrother visiting from out of town. They are having such a great time catching up that she forgot to make dinner for her boyfriend.

He is starving and starts to make himself something to eat. While he is busy, Ann decides to get naughty with you. She has had a crush on you for a while and she just can’t resist teasing you with her wet little pussy. Giving in to temptation, you put your hard cock into Ann’s mouth. Her boyfriend catches you almost immediately and does not mind sharing her for some VR porn taboo fun.

The horny blonde is down for two dicks at once and keeps her mouth busy moving from one to the other. Blowing her two favorite guys is great for an appetizer, but she is ready for the main course. In this VR porn video, you take her from each end and she can’t believe how good it feels to finally fuck you. She has never had two men at once and loves the way you keep stroking her slit while she gets to slobber and slurp on a throbbing piece of meat.

Ann loves it more than ever imagined she might. No matter what position you put her in, there is always something big and hard to keep her full. Sharing is caring and you happily share the pretty little blonde until it is time for her to feed on your seed. You spray her down with two big loads of cum, leaving her happy and ready for a second helping.