When Santa Can Not Help

Starring Sapphire Astrea

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When Santa Can Not Help – Sapphire Astrea is very excited about the holiday party. Her husband has agreed to dress as Santa Claus. What she hasn’t told him is that she has always wanted to fuck the man in the red suit so she is looking forward to having a great time when they get home.

Imagine her disappointment when her husband passes out in their bed and doesn’t even move when she flashes him her tits and tells him all about her naughty fetish. All horned up with no one to play with, the frustrated wife does not accept her fate.

In this VR porn video, she calls her neighbor and invites him over. She has noticed how he looks at her and makes it clear that she wants his cock, right there on the same bed where her husband is snoring. Though it seems risky, he is not about to turn down the fun when the beautiful brunette gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick. By the time he spins her around to fuck her from behind, neither of them cares that her husband is snoring just inches away.

She throws her legs up in the air and rests her head on her husband’s Santa belly while the big dicked neighbor fucks her silly. This is the hottest sex this bed has ever seen and she can’t believe that she has waited this long to cheat on her husband. His cock is making all of her horny VR porn holiday fantasies come true. Without her husband even stirring, he makes her cum and then unloads his sack all over her face and tits.

Before he even cleans up, she asks him to come back to help her ring in the New Year.



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