Physical Education

Starring Katie Kush

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Physical Education – VR Porn hottie Katie Kush is a gymnastics teacher at one of the local middle schools.

She loves the high energy of gymnastics, dancing, and just showing how exercise can be engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun.

She returns home after a long day at work in her gym clothes. Her boyfriend is already home and is always down to hear her talk about her day and vent her problems. Katie Kush shows you some of her new dance moves and gymnastic routines. She knows this always turns you on…which is exactly what Katie Kush wants.

Katie Kush notices you are starting to get excited and moves over to your lap. She plants a passionate kiss on your lips while straddling you.

As Katie Kush gyrates on your cock, she can feel it getting harder and harder. When she cannot take it any longer, she gets up and turns around – peeling off her spandex pants and giving you a view of her VR pussy. Katie Kush finds a comfortable spot on the floor between your legs and attacks your pants. Your cock breaks free and homes in on her VR mouth in this 8K VR Porn!

As you grab her hips and plow her from behind, Katie Kush moans that she wants to ride you. She moves her VR ass up and down your cock, grinding her way to a healthy orgasm.

Leaving your cock glistening as her VR pussy juices flow. Now begging for you to cum inside her. Nothing takes a load off Katie Kush’s mind like your load in her VR pussy…


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