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Why use SexLikeReal?

Well think of it like Steam for VR Porn. You don’t have to download each VR Porn video all the time (imagine those 10gb files). You can use the SLR app to watch all the VR Porn you need without any need to take your headset off. Additionally the have the biggest library of VR Porn (no Naughty America), with over 5000 videos. Another cool thing is that you can either buy a subscription or just PPV, so you have a choice on how to eat your meal.

To view their video’s all you have to do is install their VR Porn app (you can also get it from google store), if you have an IPhone, you can use DeoVR to view their videos, and for streaming you can use the WebVR player.

Another awesome thing is that they improve the video’s they get from the studios, doing their magic, they offer all their videos at 60FPS, and now are working on doing them at 90FPS.
Huge updates with more than 10 new videos a day. Did I mention the huge library of pornstars?

And if you subscribe to them they often offer discounts and specials, just check their newsletter.
Dont wait, check out SLR!

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