The Backstage Is Not Only for Resting

Starring Rebel Rhyder

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The Backstage Is Not Only for Resting – Rebel Rhyder is a rock star.

She is in the backstage with you, and while she is having a beer, she is complaining about the openers of the show.

According to her, they are trash, they left the stage dirty and she almost fall on the floor. She is completely stressed, going up and down the room. Suddenly she stops and she tells you that she wants to fuck so she can get distracted from the assholes and be relaxed before the concert.

She kneels and takes you cock out of your trousers. She starts to touch your dick to get you hard and she gives you a blowjob.

Then, she sits on you and rides you in cowgirl-style while her big boobs jump with her. She turns around and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl: looking at her rounded ass, her long blonde hair, and the high rocker socks that she is having on, turns you on very much!

You keep fucking with her in different positions like doggy and missionary until she screams because she comes! She will masturbate you then, until you cum over her naked body. Fucking with a rockstar is amazing!!


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