VR Intimacy 003 – She’s Always Shining

Starring Cindy Shine

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HIGH Oculus / Vive / Windows Mixed Reality 5400×2700 60fps H.265 Download
MED Oculus / Vive / Windows Mixed Reality 3840×1920 60fps Download
HIGH Gear VR / Daydream / Oculus Go 3840×1920 60fps Download
MED Gear VR / Daydream / Oculus Go 2880×1440 60fps Download
HIGH Smartphone 2160×1080 60fps Download
MED Smartphone 1920×960 30fps Download
HIGH PlayStation VR 2880×1440 60fps Download


If you like Cindy Shine (and there’s nothing to dislike so we know you do) then you have a pretty good idea our new intimate VR experience is going to be totally awesome. There is no better way to experience how it would feel to be really close to this incredible beauty, so go join her right now and have fun!



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