Against The Clock

Starring Celine Dijjon

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Against The Clock – Celine Dijjon’s parents told her that they are going to stay at your home for 15 days during this Thanksgiving.

You have one hour until they arrive.

What you should do? Cleaning? Or maybe it is better to take advantage of your last minutes alone with her! Both agree, you have to fuck as much as you can this last hour before they arrive.

Celine starts by taking your trousers off to see that you are already hard. That pleases her very much and she wants to please you too, so she kneels and gives you a blowjob, introducing your penis deep inside her mouth.

She also takes it and put it between her big boobs in order to masturbate you with them. After that, she let you fuck her in cowgirl-style and reverse cowgirl too, while you take her ass and move it to have the exactly speed that you want.

She is dirty talking during the entire sex, because you two love how she describes the situation and how it makes her feel. You both will cum right before her parents arrive. What a great hour of sex!