Amber D and Julia Rain Use Their Sex Toys To Fuck Each Other In VR

Starring Julia Rain & Amber D

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Amber D and Julia Rain Use Their Sex Toys To Fuck Each Other In VR – Amber D is that blonde Ukrainian with her perfect tits! And today we matched her with that other Ukrainian model Miss Julie Rain that is so tall and lean.

They are both amazing but both so very different. We love to watch them here in this new scenario we have for them together. We love to watch them enjoy those unique things about each other that we find so sexy and fun to watch.

We got them in a bedroom in the studio today and we set up the VR camera and they came into the room in matching skirts. Both of them are tall with Julie being five foot eight and Julie is a very tall five foot ten.

That makes for a lot of lovely territory to cover. They jump on the bed and start to play. They start grabbing ass and lifting skirts and rubbing their hands all over each other.

These two are amazing and they love to play and they start off by grabbing each other’s tits as Amber gets in behind Julie and wraps her hands around her and grabs her tits.

This is so hot as we see Julie just melt in her hands and submit herself to her. She just enjoys her hands rubbing her so much. Julie takes Amber’s top and lifts it up and pulls her boobs out to rub. She grabs and rubs and plays with her nipples.

Now Amber wants some of Julie and she goes for her tits by opening her top. These two spend the whole afternoon in bed pleasuring each other with fingers and sex toys. Go watch now!


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