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Anal Vlog – Gigi Rouge has found a big audience for her new blog.

She loves tattoos and writes about upcoming artists. Of course, what really makes her readers happy are the sexy photos she posts of her tattoos and sexy body.

When she gets some new ink done, Gigi can’t wait to show it off. She puts on a sexy outfit to make sure her followers get exactly what they want.

The new outfit makes her look like a model from taboo VR porn videos. Needing a bit of help with the photos, she hands her phone to her stepbrother who is happy to help out. Gigi is shocked when she sees that you took close-up pictures of her ass instead of her new tattoo. She is upset at first, but then gets a look at how hard your cock is from just looking at her ass.

If there is one thing Gigi likes better than a new tattoo, it’s a new cock in her mouth. That it belongs to her stepbrother just makes it kinkier and a whole lot hotter.

After she gives you the best head of your life, she spins around and backs up onto your meat. She likes it hard and fast, begging you to pound her mercilessly. In this VR porn video, Gigi begs for you to fuck her ass. You’ve never done that and are happy sliding into your stepsister’s tight back door.

It is too bad you put the camera down because this kind of kinky shit is just what her readers want to see from their favorite inked slut.

It has been a long time since she has been fucked this well and she never wants you to stop.

You hold out as long as you can before giving in and firing a huge load right up into her pussy. If only your readers could see her now.


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