Cumbridge University Classmates

Starring Gal Richie

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Cumbridge University Classmates – You and Gal Ritchie have been study buddies since the moment you met. There was something easy about your relationship with this dark and beautiful brunette from the second you sat next to each other in your first lecture at Cambridge.

She dropped her bag, you dropped your coffee, and neither of you minded once you locked eyes. You’ve studied together for four years, you had a long-distance girlfriend back in the US, then you broke up but she got a boyfriend… Nothing ever lined up how it could’ve done. Now it’s the night before your final pre-med exam and guess what? She’s single, you’re single, and things are about to get physical. You’ve loved your time in the UK, and what better way to end it than fucking the classmate you’ve been lusting after this entire time?

You can see all her curves through that workout gear and you can hardly wait to get your hands on her. Go get your Meta Quest 3, Valve Index, or Oculus Go and get ready to examine this British babe in all the positions you dreamed about for the whole of school in this 7K high resolution VR porn!


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