Lucky Find

Starring Kiss Patricia Free Porn

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Lucky Find – Kiss Patricia doesn’t know how to maintain boundaries. When her stepbrother is out, she goes into his room, looking through all of his stuff, and watching his taboo VR porn movies.

She knows you keep a box of your ex-girlfriend’s things and is curious about what you might have saved. Even though she knows it is wrong, she can’t help herself when she finds a pair of pink panties. There are also some intimate VR porn pictures you had taken.

Some of them are a little shocking, but Patricia finds that discovering you is a bit kinky just turns her on. She puts on the clothes and is so busy rubbing herself that she doesn’t hear you come home. You are angry and Kiss Patricia is embarrassed.

She wants to make it up to you and can see that you are turned on by watching her in your ex’s undies. The obvious answer is for you to act on the feelings you obviously share. She takes off the bra and smiles as you take your cock out and sees that you are hard, throbbing, and huge just for her.

You can’t believe how good she is at sucking cock, so much better and enthusiastic than your ex ever was. She is thrilled to feel your meat inside of her, sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

It is even better than she imagined it would be. Wanting to make sure she helps you get over your ex, Patricia is determined to give you the fuck of your life and she does not fail in this endeavor.

To finish you off, she does something you have never been able to experience, she strokes you until you explode all over her face. Time to throw out the stuff from the old box and start filling a new one.


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