MILF’s Gotta Play

Starring Jada Sparks

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MILF’s Gotta Play – Work has really been kicking your ass.

The new boss has set up nearly impossible deadlines and by the time Friday rolls around, all you can think about is getting home, maybe having a drink, and passing out for the night.

When you get home, you discover that your wife Jada Sparks has other plans.

She has on a pushup bra and panties that show off her big, juicy ass. Jada knows how hard you have been working hard lately and just wants you to relax. Just sit back and enjoy the VR porn show while she strips for you.

If you like what you see, take out your cock and rub it. She knows how much you like her ass and bends over, rubbing her hands over it, spanking her cheeks, and telling you to stroke faster.

Facing you, she thanks you for working so hard and pulls her tits out of her bra so she can shake them for you. Imagine those big boobs working up and down your cock, making it throb with every slow stroke.

When she can see how ready you are, Jada turns around and wiggles her big ass for you. She knows how much you love fucking her from behind. Come on, stroke it faster, stroke it like you want to fuck her juicy booty.

Look at how wet it makes her pussy to see you so turned on. Look at her pink lips and jerk faster, harder. It’s time to cum and she wants it deep inside. Let it go. You deserve to feel good. Give it to her now.


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