Miss Amber D And Julia Rain In A Lesbian Fuck Shows In Virtual Reality

Starring Julia Rain & Amber D

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Miss Amber D And Julia Rain In A Lesbian Fuck Shows In Virtual Reality – If you had a whole stable full of sexy hot Ukrainian models what would you do with them? You might ask them in and watch them get naked.

Or, you might get adventurous and just ask a couple of them to come in on the same day and do a shoot with each other. We got sweet Amber D and Julia Rain in together to play. We get a real tall hottie here and we get the sexy blonde. What a fun combo as these two babes are so exciting. Julia is five feet ten inches tall and has the sexiest longest legs. Amber has an amazing set of tits and she is not short coming in at five feet eight inches tall!

Both these girls were so excite when we told them we would also be providing them some sex toys that they could use on each other. These two got up on the bed and went right at it. They did not wait and just started to grab each other. They were both in dresses so they lifted them up and started to grab each other’s ass. And then they did some doggy style with their ass pointed at the camera for us and we got to see that Amber was wearing a pair of thong panties and Julie was enjoying that ass as well as she started to spank her.

And since Amber could see how hard the crew was she just lifted her dress to show off her panties and show us how sweet her pink thong panties were. From there these two hot models just started to take each other’s clothes off and grab each other’s tits and ass. Go see all they did to each other with those sex toys in this hot lesbian fuck show in VR.


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