Naked In The Shower For Her VR Show

Starring Isabel Stern

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Naked In The Shower For Her VR Show – Isabel Stern in the shower, showing us what she likes to do when she is alone and has some music on.

We love a good shower fuck, and if we can get a hottie to take a shower with us you know we are going to try to slide a cock in every one of her holes.

What a fun girl Isabel is and we are glad that she suggested that she would like to try to do some VR in a shower. We had to be careful with that idea for several reasons. The first being that we would have to restrain ourselves from all taking off our clothes and jumping in with Isabel and trying to plug up all her holes with our office boy cocks.

The second is that Miss Isabel gets real close to the camera and that means she could get it all wet. So, we took precautions and all decided we would just jerk off while we watched Isabel get naked. Kinda like what we expect you’re going to do when you watch this show. And then we told Isabel she could only wash her feet and legs. Do you remember Isabel from our other afternoons with her? She has a killer set of legs. And she also has an ass that is yummy. We say yummy because it is so lickable and when we see it, we want to sink our teeth into her ass. What a fucking delicious ass this hot Russian has.

Ever had Russian ass? You know, some hot Russian in ned with you with her ass in the air and you behind her with your face buried in her ass? Fuck, that is about as good as it gets. Then imagine it was Isabel sticking her ass out for you to bite! Fuck! Me!