Naughty Lesbian Show From Alexa Mood And Mencia Francis

Starring Mercia Francis & Alexa Mood

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Naughty Lesbian Show From Alexa Mood And Mencia Francis – Alexa and Mencia are two hot Russian babes who will please your lesbian fantasies with a naughty show in this VR porn movie. Although they are both from Russia, they didn’t know each other before this shooting.

They met on the set, and the connection was instant. Alexa is almost a MILF, and Mencia is 21 years old. You will feel the age difference in their performances. Alexa is leading everything. And it seems like she is pretty horny for the young body of Mencia. Who wouldn’t be when Mencia has such a cute tight booty and perky little titties.

If you’re into skinny tall, petite babes, she’s the one for you. Alexa is also into skinny tall petite babes because she couldn’t keep her hands off Mencia. We didn’t mind that at all. We loved seeing them kiss and we filmed it from up close to make you feel like they’re kissing in front of your face and they’re about to go down on you. We also loved when they took time licking each other’s pussy.

And we also captured those moments from up-close. But the hottest part of the video was when these two chicks started scissoring. The way they look while their pussies are rubbing against each other is sublime. We also wanted to see them masturbate individually, and that’s when each of them had the greatest moments. They were so turned on and it didn’t take them a lot to cum.

Alexa and Mencia kissed again in the end of their lesbian encounter. And it’s interesting to see the difference between their first kiss and their last kiss. The last one is way more sensual and passionate. A perfect moment for you to cum!


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