“PSE” featuring Isabelle Deltore

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Do you hear that? That’s a bona fide Australian accent coming straight from Isabelle Deltore, the delicious porn starlet who has come straight from Down Under. And she’s here, at Naughty America, to give you your Porn Star Experience today. When she tells you she wants you to taste her from head to toe…when she tells you that what’s she’s wearing looks better when it’s on the floor…when she tells you she wants to taste every inch of you: it’s all part of the beautiful tease this Aussie is so good at. And listening to that accent every time she opens her mouth and flicks her tongue to needle you with her fuck-speak, your dick gets a little bigger and a little thicker. And that’s a good thing, because she’s looking for a challenge in both her mouth and pussy. And when she’s nearly through with you, telling you how much she wants to feel your hot jizz dropping down her thigh as you pump her hard, that’s right when you GIVE IT TO HER.

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