Russian Newcomer Takes Off Her Clothes

Starring Nicole

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Russian Newcomer Takes Off Her Clothes – New model alert! This is our new Russian model, Miss Nicole.

We are always happy to bring out new models and excited to see which one our members is going to love most.

We have gotten a lot of responses to our last few models, and we think we will get more with Nicole. She is of course Russian but she is a blonde Russian.

She is thin, very lanky. She is not that tall but she looks tall because of her slender frame and her long legs. She seems to be long everywhere as her torso is long too, but she is about five feet five inches tall.

Nicole came into the offices today and had on a smile and we all felt light and bright when she came in. She was in a fun and playful mood and she kept that throughout the whole VR shoot.

She was wearing her sexy cute summer dress and we thought she had a bra on underneath which is not the norm nowadays. Most of our models come in braless.

She did have a bra on and matching panties and she said she just wanted to wear them for the shoot as they were sexy lingerie and she felt sexy in them. We thought we would give her some heels to complete the outfit and with that she headed into the room where she would shoot her first VR video.

She hopped on the bed and very quickly did a few moves and lost the bra! Yes! The tits are perfect! What fucking lovely tits she has.

So cute and the right size to just pop in your mouth. From there, the panties came right off too! Go see what she did with that sex toy she brought with her.


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