Take My Virginity

Starring Coco Lovelock

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Take My Virginity – Have you ever had a friend or a business partner whose daughter was unprecedently hot? We know these situations can happen in real life, which doesn’t mean you ever get to bang one of such cute girls. Luckily for you, at VR Bangers, we’ve got you covered in our latest teen VR porn video, where this sexual fantasy of yours can come true! And you know what?

We’ve got a double dose of excitement for you because the horny girl in this 3D VR porn fantasy will happen to be a virgin! Take My Virginity is one of our latest VR porn scenes, inside which you’ll come to your friend’s house to discuss some business with him. Unfortunately, he won’t be there, and instead of him, you’ll meet his beautiful daughter, who’s been waiting for him all this time, too.

A daughter who’s one of VRB’s VR porn models with natural tits! In this Coco Lovelock VR porn movie, it will be you, her, and the cunning plan that came to this young sexy girl’s mind. She’s always been into older guys and yet never had any chance to have sex with one of them – and since now her father is not gonna be there for a while, it feels like a perfect opportunity to make that sexual fantasy of hers come true.

Get your VR goggles to bang this curvy VR porn star to make this “business meeting” worth your time, after all – and get seduced by this sexy cutie while she’ll be on her knees and sucking your cock balls deep. The girl will claim that this is her first time and that she is just losing her virginity to you, but looking at her sexual skills, it is somehow hard to believe that. But… who knows? Maybe you’re twice as lucky today?


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