Surprise For Hotwife

Starring Maddy Black

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    SexBabesVR - Surprise For Hotwife - Having a hotwife is such a wonderful experience. She's so gorgeous that all of your friends are jealous, and the fact that she's so hot makes all the other wives wonder how you are in bed. But, that's beside the point - your hotwife Maddy Black loves making you feel good, and it's almost impossible not to fuck her when she looks so sexy all the time. Today, you catch her in the kitchen, just as she's about to eat a banana. But, you have a better idea - why doesn't she grab your banana and gobble it up? Plus, your banana can make her pussy shiver with ecstasy, and you'll even provide some nice, warm milk for her to taste afterward. That sounds like a pretty good deal, so Maddy takes you up on that offer. The view of her big tits and tattooed body bouncing on your cock never gets old.


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