The Babysitter

Starring Eva Barbie & Una Fairy

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The Babysitter – Una Fairy and her husband have been looking for a new babysitter ever since they moved into town. It has not been an easy search since they are very particular. One evening, he comes home from work to find his wife standing next to a lovely young college girl.

She introduces her as Eva Barbie and explains that they have had an initial interview. The pretty young thing is wearing the agreed-upon outfit that consists of a schoolgirl uniform with a very short skirt. She looks like a model from his favorite VR porn movies. Una tells him that Eva has already agreed to be more than their nanny and that she is anxious to get started. They start by taking off her top and adding some light restraints while Una gets their new friend warmed up.

He takes out his big dick and feeds it to Eva. She has never seen anything so big and needs help from Una to get it deep. When it is nice and wet he enters the new babysitter from behind. After a few strokes, Una trades places with Eva, loving the way another woman’s juices serve as lube for her horny husband’s hard strokes. Watching the older woman carefully, Eva learns just how to move her body to please her new boss.

She also uses her hands and mouth to keep his beautiful wife happy. Working hard, they have him on the brink of climax in no time. Una pulls Eva’s face near her own so that her husband can unload his spunk across their faces and wide-open mouths. As she kisses and licks his load from Una’s lips, Eva knows she has the job and that after hours she will be expected to please them this way every night. She couldn’t be happier.


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