The Big Meat Up

Starring Alexia Anders

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The Big Meat Up – Ohhh Yeah! Snap into some slim trim! Get ready for a meat and greet with Alexia Anders.

This sizzling hot Asian chick has been stuck inside too long and she’s eager to get out on the scene and dating again.

Alexia will knock on your door to pick you up for the fun but she’ll need to speak up because you’re wearing a towel.

Alexia has lost all track of time thinking about your thick meat that she’ll come a little too early. Anticipating a grade A evening, Alexia brings you a special bouquet not of flowers, but of delicious meat sticks.

Yum! She’ll tug at that towel and oops, out pops YOUR meat. She can see that you’re excited too and as you hold your meat bouquet, Alexia will tug your dick and reveal she’s not wearing underwear!

The mouth-watering fun continues with a playful blowjob and more and soon you are balls-deep in Alexia! She will pull out all the stops to get you going as her feet and toes work your shaft too. Sit back and let her go wild and go all the way with Alexia!


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