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We All Learn Something New Today – Karina King has been tutoring Scarlett Jones and her stepbrother for a while. They are both smart, but unmotivated students and were in danger of falling behind in their college classes.

She thinks she knows why Scarlett is struggling to focus. Her stepbrother is super hunky. So much so that the blonde tutor wants a piece of you. She gives you a break and as she hoped, Scarlett is nowhere to be found when she returns. What she doesn’t know is that her distracted student is under the table sucking your big cock.

Though this wasn’t how she had it planned, Karina is happy to get in the middle of some VR porn taboo naughtiness. She joins Scarlett in getting naked while you look on with a big throbbing cock. They take turns sucking it, making you wet and ready to slide right into Karina’s horny hole. Scarlett waits her turn before letting you put your dick inside of her.

Karina teaches the pretty young redhead how to use her big tits to wank your cock. They take turns fucking you and then sucking each other off of the thick shaft. When you are close to cumming, Karina guides Scarlett’s head into position so you can fill her mouth with hot streams of cream. The two women swap cum between their mouths before swallowing. Now that Karina knows their secret, she knows they will do anything she says.

Her students have now become her sexy playing things from her VR porn fantasies and the horny tutor plans to make every week’s lesson a filthy fuck session.


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