What Is Your Strongest Skill

Starring Serena Santos

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What Is Your Strongest Skill – Serena Santos is a struggling actress. She has gone out on many auditions but just can’t seem to land a role. Though she is excited to be auditioning for a good part in a taboo VR movie, she is certain they will reject her.

This time it is not her acting ability that worries her, but her body. It is clear from the producer’s questions that her body does not fit what they are looking for. Even in her tight little dress, she is worried that her boobs and ass are not quite big enough.

Not willing to see another role split through her finger, she tells him that she is willing to do “anything” at all to get the part in this hot VR porn movie.

That gets his attention and he takes out his cock to see if she is serious. Serena really wants the part and opens wide for his fat prick. It is much bigger than her boyfriend’s and she sucks it with more intensity than she has in her life. Her blowjob convinces him to take a closer look at her tits.

She takes them out of her dress, but he still thinks they are a bit small for the role. Maybe she is willing to do more? Serena lifts her dress and bends over. Perhaps he will reconsider if she lets him fuck her tight pussy? He agrees that it can’t hurt and pumps his meat into her from behind. Watching how her tits bounce when he bangs her, he thinks that maybe they are big enough after all.

He needs to fuck them to be sure though and Serena is happy to wrap them around his long dick and slide them up and down. He thinks she might be right for the part after all but is going to have to give him this treatment throughout the filming. She happily agrees and to seal the deal, he shoots a big load into her pussy. It is worth it to get the part.


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