Your Sweet Sandra

Starring Sandra Sweet

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Your Sweet Sandra – Work has really been kicking your ass lately.

Long hours spent on a big VR porn project have left you exhausted and cranky. Lucky for you, your girl Sandra Sweet is very understanding and supportive.

Sensing that the stress and workload have you on the brink she greets you at the door after a long day with something special in mind. She is dressed in something that has her big, gorgeous tits out on display. You are exhausted, but the idea of getting naked with her is still appealing. Don’t worry though.

She doesn’t want you to expend too much energy. Instead, she just wants you to sit and watch while she gives you a very special taboo VR show. She crawls onto the bed, letting her big tits sway beneath her body. The look on your face tells her that you appreciate your surprise.

The bulge in your pants tells her that you want to see more. Her hands run over her hips and up to her big tits.

She cups them and tells you how much she missed you. She knows you are working hard, but she gets so horny waiting for you to have time for her. Tonight she wants you to relax and watch the way she touches herself when you aren’t around. Taking out her tits, she shakes them and pinches the hard nipples. Now that they are out, she wants your cock out of your pants so you can stroke it while she gets herself off.

There it is. All nice and hard. Wouldn’t you love to put it between her soft knockers? She wants that too and as soon as your project is over she is going to let you have all of her.

Any hole you want, but for now just stroke and cum for her big perfect titties.


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