Starring Pietra Candy

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Caught – You have some time and you are in the bed… What can you do? You decide that you want to watch some porn. You are doing it while you touch yourself. Suddenly, Pietra Candy enters to the room and catches you.

You thought she left already! You stop masturbating right away but she takes your tablet and sees what are you watching. However, you don’t care because you see how naughty her smile is. Then she says that she likes that and she still have some time so… she gets close to you and gives you a blowjob! Both of you fuck in different positions, it is better than masturbating yourself! She fucks you with hard moves and then she turns around and, doing reverse cowgirl, you fuck her while you grab her ass.

You also fuck her in doggy-style, one of your favorite positions, because you can see her entire body and ass from behind. She is moaning and her eyes are turning white because of pleasure. At the end, you masturbate a little bit in order to cum over her body.